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Yanagisawa A-901 314XXX – altsaxofon

Yanagisawa A-901 alto saxophone manufactured around the year 2011

Yanagisawa has been manufacturing saxophones of high quality and modern ergonomics right from the start.

The saxophone is played on and there are some small scratches and small marks in the paint. The saxophone is in good condition and the previous owner has taken good care of the scissors.

The saxophone is sold newly serviced with, among other things, a number of new pillows.

In addition to the original neck that is included in the purchase, it is also possible to buy used extra necks.

We have a black undersung neck and a lacquered underslung neck by Yanagisawa that you can buy if you want. See the last pictures (extra necks are not included in the price).

Very good alternative for you who want a cheaper professional saxophone!